The Male Oppressor Doesn’t Give a Shit About Your Gender Identity

Neither does anyone else, to be honest. I am so tired of males telling me to shut up and listen to trans males. I’m tired of them acting like women don’t have things so bad and that horrible things that females face is nothing like their gender feels, and shrugging when the harm that trans ideology is doing to women because a “few men slipping through the cracks” and assaulting women is a small price to pay to make sure that the transgender males are taken care of first.

I don’t know why this popped up in my medium feed, I don’t even read political articles on there, but it did. I decided to respond to this one based on the title. It looked like this conversation was going to be productive for at least one of us, at first. (I’m not including the original article, but it was some basic Chimamanda bashing)

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4 thoughts on “The Male Oppressor Doesn’t Give a Shit About Your Gender Identity

  1. This coversation. Trans activists like this just throw science to the wind, I can’t deal with the whole chromosome varient argument. And when she says that sex based oppression doesn’t exist, she must be under the delusion that society has always been so positive about vaginas and uteruses and menstrual cycles. Good lord, seriously.

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    1. Oh, god. It has continued. A post explaining things about the genetic abnormalities and intersex that I already addressed, lol. I had to respond to it. He said he “agreed” about FGM and such, but then keeps going back to say that trans males are being barred from conversations based on the “false” notion that they’re not female, and that it’s erasing the trans experience.

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