The Evacuation of Standing Rock and More Election Feelings

I’m sure you have seen the video of the women of Standing Rock who have been fighting for their land pleading for help. Standing Rock is to be evacuated. I’m sure you know these women have been subject to sexual assault and strip searches and imprisonment in the wet cold still naked. The Native Americans of Standing Rock have been pepper sprayed and mutilated. I don’t know why this particular instance has been so highly publicized, as this sort of thing happens fairly often (maybe I just missed it?), but it is one of the issues I have feared the most for with this election. I actually don’t know if Hillary would have definitely stopped this. She apparently never took a proper stance, but there was at least a fighting chance with her.

It’s always been that choice — Hillary or Trump — ever since Bernie lost to Hillary. Even if there was voter fraud/suppression (which there always is) I’m certain Hillary would still have won. Yes, a lot of people liked Bernie, but most of moderate America liked Hillary, and many progressives and other people on the left genuinely preferred Hillary.  When Hillary and Trump became the nominees, it was never going to be Bernie, or Stein, or anyone else. Everyone knew that. Throwing a hissy fit every 4 years about having to choose “the lesser of two evils” never changes that reality.

I kept seeing the left bashing Hillary as “as bad as” or even worse than Trump. I watched them throw fit after fit because Bernie didn’t win. I watched them call those who went on to support Hillary “white feminists”. Newsflash, 94% of black women that did vote voted for Hillary, so sit the fuck down. They knew. Everyone who relentlessly trashed Hillary even after Bernie lost, or voted third party, or fucking switched to voting Trump, or didn’t vote at all, contributed to this. Threw us all to the wolves for their fucked up sense of superiority. The assault on women’s reproduction and other rights, further disadvantaging the poor, the threat to disabled children in schools, police brutality, the lives in general of people of color. We are all in more danger now than we had to be. I guarantee you that by the end of Trump’s reign even more of us disabled people will be on the streets.

I thought I was getting over it but I’m not. Every time something new happens I am filled with anguish. The left’s part pisses me off more than the right wingers who voted Trump. People who were going to vote democrat needed to unite. Instead, they broke and bashed each other like the republicans always do and so we lost. I don’t see any of the ones who bashed Hillary owning it, either. I only see excuse articles, trying to absolve themselves of their guilt, or blaming those who were smart enough to realize that it was Hillary OR TRUMP for not magically making Bernie win. That’s another thing that bothered me about the march. How many of the people there didn’t vote Hillary? I know of at least 5. If you didn’t vote for Hillary you weren’t doing your part to keep Trump out, and you shouldn’t have been there. You don’t get to say “not my president”. He is your fucking president. “Not my president” is a whole other stupid thing anyway. Half the population says it every election. It’s meaningless.

I’m going to stop here, I could probably go on forever. I am just getting more upset the longer I type. Please, if you can do anything to help the people of Standing Rock, do it.

One thought on “The Evacuation of Standing Rock and More Election Feelings

  1. I am glad you brought up the sexual assault of women at Standing Rock. Sexual violence against Native Women is something supposed intersectional liberal Feminists ignore, even when posting about Standing Rock. It is one of the many issues that has fallen to the wayside as trans issues somehow take precedence in feminism. And yes, I agree – calling voting for Hillary white Feminism shows how many people on the left don’t actually know what terms mean but throw them around to gain points. Bernie didn’t do well in capturing the black vote OVERALL.

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