gender-critical, sex-negative, intersectional, radical feminist


I can not possibly write about that which I do not know, so I will probably link interesting pieces from other sources often. I have no idea how often ‘often’ will be. This is more of a personal rant type deal, probably. I hope it will get me more involved and taking action.


I develop software. I design, drape/draft, and sew my own clothes. Spend too much time playing video games. Makes mods for games. Trekkie.  Love medieval/renaissance history. I am a (fake) goth. Not much for social media. Study quantum physics and String Theory. I want to believe. Totally voted Hillary because she was going to reveal the secrets of area 51. Speaks Sindarin elvish and Klingon. Wishes for an all women tabletop rpg group. Learned the ‘chemistry’ behind baking and makes my own recipes, but largely dislikes sweets. Has learned the basics of electrical engineering. Can’t think of any other random and irrelevant things to list.