The Hidden Implications of Calling Lesbianism Cissexist

Of course I watched Magdelen Berns’ latest video response to Riley Dennis. In this video Magdelen dissects the claim that “genital preferences” are cissexist. I want to talk about it to reinforce the concepts because this has pretty big implications and I don’t want to forget.


At 4:01, Magdelen points out that calling lesbianism cissexist is saying that lesbians have institutional power which influences people into homosexuality, putting them in a place of power of transwomen, from which you can draw that homosexuality is an oppression that trans people face at the hands of homosexuals.

It was at this point that I realized just how insidious trans politics are and actually became a bit frightened. Trans advocacy has already convinced a large portion of people that women have this institutional power over trans and nonbinary males and are already replacing sex based protections with gender identity protections, and this may seem all well and fine to you if you believe that “trans women are women”, but the fact that institutional power includes ECONOMIC power, that’s where it get’s really scary.

Magdelen hints at this at 6:40 — after pointing out that Riley is also calling rape victims liars, and again at the end of the video when she asks you to think about who might be funding Everyday Feminism — when she points out all of the huge male run corporations that are pushing transgender policies. Just think about this for a moment. This view that women have some sort of social and economic power can and is being used to attack our gains. You may think it’s not so bad now, but when they start putting in place affirmative action laws to prioritize males over females in job placement and schools, when rejecting someone based on their biological sex can be considered hate speech, when males take all of the extra funding that goes towards women owned small business to fund more male businesses, when funds for medical research specifically for us (because the default is male) are turned to trans males, you will feel it.

Women are already being kicked out of the shelters that they fought for and funded for being uncomfortable with having to share a room with a male. If you don’t realize that it can and is getting worse, then you don’t realize how recent and fragile our rights are. They can be taken away in an instant.


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